CKX Mission Snowmobile Helmet

The first helmet with revolutionary AMS technology, CKX’s new Mission Helmet redefines the trail riding experience. Lightweight and featuring an aerodynamic and sporty look, it provides an effective protection against cold and wind. See bigger, see farther. Push your limits and dominate the trails.

We have designed the helmet that meets the needs of those who cannot be slowed down by the cold or distance. Each of the Mission’s features has been carefully studied to help trail riders reach a new level of performance and comfort. Once you have started, nothing will hold you back.


See the CKX mission features here: www.

CKX represents the spirit that lives inside every powersports fan. It is that desire to take up challenges, to seek thrills, to dominate the elements, to always go further and to exceed one’s habilities, without counting the hours or considering the kilometers. This feeling that anything is possible, of liberty, THAT is CKX.

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