Timmins, Ontario – Red Carpet Treatment

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By: John Arkwright

The vast trail network of Northern Ontario has become a favorite for thousands of avid snowmobilers on both sides of the border. In the James Bay Frontier, there are over 3000 miles (5000 kms) of groomed trails and right smack in the middle is Timmins – the city of White Gold.

The city fathers and the Timmins Snowmobile Club have worked hard to make this one of the most accessible cities you’ll ever visit on a snowmobile. The City Trail completely surrounds Timmins allowing access to restaurants, hotels, dealerships and gas stations.

Signage is abundant and top quality trail mapping is readily available which make getting to your destination a snap.

If you want to spend the bulk of your time here snowmobiling there are several day trips that loop back to the city by night. You can also plan single night stops lead back to Timmins the next day.

Ride out to Foleyet for the day or to Gogama on the fabulous C-trail or head north to Smooth Rock Falls. You’ll need to double back on these trips but, who cares! The trails are awesome and look a lot different on the return trip. Keep in mind, the expanses are vast here and the trails are impeccably groomed.

Also plan an overnight loop to Cochrane on C and TA trail and A111C. Make sure you visit the Polar Bear Habitat and Heritage Village. Both are must-see events.

Timmins is Shania Twain’s home town and while I’ve never met Shania on the trails, I have seen pictures of her on a sled. Lets be real here, she’s from Timmins so she must snowmobile. Ride your sled right up to the doors of the Shania Twain Center to cap off your visit.

You can pile up the miles in Timmins and still be in the hot tub before sunset. If you’re looking for a holiday with a twist, this one absolutely won’t leave you disappointed.

Call 800-461-3766 and visit SnowmobileInOntario.com for more information on this region.

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