Quebec’s Chaudiere Appalaches

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Memories Are Made Here

By: Mike Lester

As often as possible, the Supertrax crew gets to enjoy great riding adventures in one of Quebec’s great snowmobile regions.

One of my favorites is Chaudiere-Appalaches and one arresting memory of this area stands out as one of the reasons I love snowmobiling so much.

When I opened the front door of our chalet that morning to see at least two feet of freshly fallen snow covering everything in view, I knew we were in for a great day of riding.

We headed out on trail 551 through the Parc Régional Massif du Sud toward Mont Saint-Magloire. The immaculately groomed trails in Chaudiere-Appalaches are testament to the careful pride club volunteers have here.

Down wide and winding snow-covered highways I could taste the fresh mountain air and feel it filling my lungs, rejuvenating my passion for the ride.

The sleds pulled up in front of the Saint Magloire clubhouse where we were warmly greeted by fellow snowmobilers from all over this region.

We were pleased to find quite a few snowmobilers from Maine taking a mid-ride break and one gentleman, noticing the Supertrax logos on our jackets, got a chuckle from our group as he asked us not to tell too many people about this area. “Its my best-kept secret and my favorite place to ride.” he said. We sure understand why.

Back in the saddle, we continued on toward Mont Saint-Magloire. The wide and beautifully groomed trails ribboned the countryside as we climbed higher.

Borders of white powdered trees reminded me of looking out the window at Christmas time as a kid. After several hours of riding we reached the summit, stopped and shut off our engines.

As I pulled off my helmet to take in the refreshing coldness, a smile came to my lips as my ears were greeted by the most peaceful quietness I’ve ever experienced.

Snow crunched underfoot as we climbed the lookout tower at the peak of the mountain.

At the top I surveyed the landscape beneath me. Armies of snow-capped evergreens stretched silently as far as I could see.

We were hundreds of miles from civilization; it occurred to me that this is something only snowmobilers get to experience.

Later that day, as the wonderful exhaustion of the ride took hold of me, my mind drifted back to that peaceful moment atop Mont Saint-Magloire and the blissful silence.

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