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Set foot on the roof of the world this April 4th to 11th. You can be amongst one of the first snowmobilers to experience the northernmost part of Scandanavia via snowmobile trails on the newly created ARCTIC TRAIL.

Travel without borders across three countries and enjoy the fantastic, clean countryside of the Scandanavian Peninsula. See Taiga, the massive native pine forest, the high alpine mountain region and the Arctic Ocean in the truest form of the “North” the world has to offer. Listen to the silence.

Feel the Freedom. Experience polar darkness and the northern lights. See glaciers and travel around in a safe snow paradise. Allow yourself to be fascinated and inspired by a landscape that oozes mysticism and magic.

SUPERTRAX is heading North to this amazing part of the world known as Lappland (Northernmost part of Finland, Sweden and Norway) this April.

We’re looking for a few of our readers to take along with us. If you’re interested in this once in a lifetime opportunity then call 1-877-668-6155 today.

One price covers everything. Are you up for the adventure?

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