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USI X2 Triple Threat Skis and Stud Boy Shaper Carbides

Polaris’ stock composite ski is not a bad unit but we’re looking to get the most out of our Shift, especially when carving trails.

The new USI Triple Threat allows riders to adjust three individual settings on each ski to adjust for rider preference and trail conditions.

Fins at the front and rear of the ski can be adjusted to stick into the snow more allowing the ski to grab harder at the front, rear or both.

To alter initial turn-in you can choose from leading or trailing saddle mounting points.

Moving the mount further forward makes for a more aggressive but somewhat lighter feel while pushing it out will slow response and increase feedback to the bars.

Trust us, these boards have limitless possibilities and with experimentation you can subtly or radically alter any sled’s handling.

Equipped with 4-inch Stud Boy Shaper carbides these skis grab hard and carve fresh groomed like a Ginsu.

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