Electric Wheels for your Sled

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We recently attended a show in Laval Quebec and were introduced to a cool new concept for your snowmobile.

TJD Fabrications out of Riviere-du-Loup, Quebec has introduced an excellent way to limit the beating your carbides take as well as increasing the handling of your sled while crossing roads or hard-packed surfaces.

The SW Electric wheel system mounts to your skis and can be activated by flicking the switch located on the left handlebar of your snowmobile. Activation time is less than 8 seconds and then you can safely cross the road while confidently handling your sled.

The SW Electric is independently automated so you do not need to stop the snowmobile to activate it and handling over hard surfaces will increase dramatically as the wheels will grip the road and lift the skis from the ground.

For more information, visit TJD.ca and call 418-863-5885.

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