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We’ve been thoroughly impressed with Arctiva’s Mechanized 3 insulated jacket this season. Layering is so important for proper warmth and the 120 gram polyfil removable liner adds additional protection from the elements when combined with the durable waterproof nylon shell.

Dialing in the right combination for your snowmobiling gear is as important as the sled you ride. You need gear that’s comfortable, warm enough and allows you the right flexibility of movement that you need for your riding style. In our opinion, this combo starts with your jacket.

Pocket space a necessity for you? It is for us and this jacket system provides eight exterior pockets. Two at each breast, fleece lined side pockets with wind flaps and weather resistant zips, plus a decent sized zippered and fleece lined pocket at mid-abdomen and on the sleeve to hold a GPS, SPOT satellite system, cell phone, point and shoot camera or even just quick access to some cash.

The front zipper on a jacket can either be its greatest strength or its Achilles heel. The Mechanized 3 jacket sports a heavy duty front zipper that is protected by crossover flaps that buckle together with a combination of magnets, a snap and velcro. Low windshields are no longer a concern as your chest and tummy with be free of chilly breezes that have a tendency to sneak into any vulnerable crevices.

We’re also a big fan of the removable hood on this jacket. A hood is something we like when standing around the snocross track for additional warmth to our head and neck, but it can easily be zipped off and stored for when you hop on your sled for that high speed 200 mile blast down your favorite trail.

If you’re in the market for a new parka this winter, Arctiva’s Mechanized 3 insulated jacket is definitely worth trying on.

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