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Yamaha is expanding its snowmobile lineup for 2021 with five exciting all-new model additions. These snowmobiles are aimed at attracting new and returning customers to the Yamaha brand with an emphasis on light weight, value and of course….FUN!

Please visit the 2021 launch page here for Canadian users and here for American.

Leading the way are the Venom, Venom Mountain and Transporter Lite – the types of snowmobiles families have been clamoring for.

Each of the 400 series snowmobiles employs a sporty 397cc, 60+ horsepower, electronic fuel-injected, liquid-cooled two stroke housed by a super lightweight chassis.

Venom puts power to the ground using a 121” Camso Hacksaw track with 1” lug, while the Mountain version receives the same industry-shifting Single Beam Mountain Suspension found on larger models wrapped by a Camso Challenger 146” track with 2” lug and Yamaha Mountain Skis.

Transporter Lite works with the same engine and chassis as the Venom Mountain, but a utility focused suspension with flip-up rails gets you from point A to B. Also included with Transporter Lite are a 1.6” lug on a 146” Camso Cobra track and a practical rear storage rack.

The all-new 400 series are a throwback to a time when modest size, ease of operation and affordable price tag were the key attributes riders looked for. Well look no further. For trail, mountain or work, Yamaha has the snowmobile step up you’ve been waiting for in the 400 series. Affordable, family fun in snowmobiling is back.

Yamaha’s LE models return for 2021 and, this year, they are headlined by a familiar name in the Mountain Max LE 154 and Mountain Max LE 165.

Boasting a 794cc battery-less fuel-injected two-stroke engine, the Mountain Max models utilize the venerated Single Beam Mountain rear skid. The advanced skid features a single pivot and single rail that results in much more flexibility and a precise balance point, all while reducing snow collection and weight. Riders can manoeuvre the snowmobile very effectively in deep snow.

On top of that, the Mountain Max models come equipped with LE upgrades like Fox QS3 front and back suspension, lightweight brake disc, tunnel bags and special Yamaha Racing blue colour scheme.

The only other LE that gets the Racing blue colour scheme is the indomitable Sidewinder SRX. The SRX continues to cement its legacy on lakes and straights across the snowbelt. The SRX returns as the most technologically advanced snowmobile in the Yamaha line with Fox iQS electronic suspension to complement the Yamaha Genesis 998 Turbo, and one of the most important refinements for 2021 in the Yamaha Stryke Single Keel Ski for improved handling.

The Stryke ski helps find the elusive balance between lightweight steering feeling and precision handling. The ski uses adjustable spacers to further enhance steering response and customization. The new Stryke ski can be found on all Sidewinder, Viper and Venom trail series snowmobiles.

Yamaha is offering three other LE models in the Sidewinder L-TX, X-TX and B-TX models that come in dynamic ink blue and orange colour scheme with special LE features like 20” tunnel bags, upgraded Fox suspension and lightweight brake discs.

Yamaha’s in-season GT line returns with the customary taller windshield and upgraded suspension, along with other touring amenities like heated seats and visor outlets that sophisticated long-distance snowmobilers will enjoy. For 2021, the GT series consists of the Sidewinder S-TX, L-TX and Viper L-TX units sporting a rich black and regal gold colour scheme.

The SE line is comprised of the 2021 Sidewinder L-TX SE in frost silver and jet orange graphics, while the Sidewinder X-TX SE is geared for the more off-trail minded customer than its LE cousin with 2” lug and Yamaha Mountain skis.

Yamaha’s utility lineup is expanded again for 2021 with the addition of the Transporter Lite offering a smaller displacement two-stroke option.

The Transporter 600 becomes the Transporter 800 with a new 794cc engine for more off-trail capability and pulling power.

Yamaha’s Japanese-built VK540, VK Professional II EPS and RS Venture TF models return, offering reliable snowmobiles across the two-up utility and touring spectrum with features you won’t find anywhere else, like electronic power steering (EPS) in the four-stroke models.

Last and certainly not least are the youth series of snowmobiles, the Snoscoot and SRX120R.

The electric-starting Snoscoot and SRX120R offer the perfect introduction to the snowmobile lifestyle for new riders. And with the launch of the new Venom, there now exists the ideal step up for Yamaha riders to stay with the brand for years to come.

The Spring Power Surge program launches along with the snowmobiles today. Customers interested in Yamaha Snowmobiles can receive the best deal of the year by placing a deposit on the Yamaha of their choice between March 9 and April 18, 2020. Fantastic offers include extended warranty, aggressive financial options, snowmobile covers and guaranteed delivery.

Yamaha’s 2021 snowmobile line offers new snowmobiles in key categories, model refinements and a strong Spring Power Surge program for a busy spring deposit season.

Complete model information is available at Yamaha-motor.ca or Yamahasnowmobiles.com

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