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Will the OEM’s allow us to wet weigh their 2006 sleds in Utah this March? Read Supertrax to learn how Yamaha invited us to wet weigh their 2005 sleds at Hay Days and then ask yourself – If you were an OEM observing Yamaha’s weight reduction progress would you want the public to think you were unwilling to back up your claims of lighter 4-stroke weight?

This whole issue is intriguing to us and here’s why: It was Yamaha who first refused Supertrax to weigh the all-new 2003 RX-1 in March 2002 at the new sled evaluations out West. Since that time, Yamaha has realized it’s impossible to quantify any progress in weight reduction unless there’s a benchmark to work from.

In other words, how can you make buyers believe your sleds are getting lighter if you never show them where you started? This rationale has no doubt contributed to the eyebrow raising results collected by our certified digital scales at Hay Days.

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