Team Jimmy John’s Duluth Update

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The 20th annual running of the Duluth National Snocross event saw a number of firsts for Team Jimmy John’s/ Ski-Doo/ BOSS Racing.

Friday night Mathieu Morin (#14) was the first to take the Jimmy John’s sleds to the field for a 16 rider bracket challenge during the inaugural AMSOIL Dominator. Morin drew an early pick against Broberg and knocked him out of the running.

The next bracket saw Morin head to head against Tucker Hibbert— who took the holeshot and left Morin just 2 short laps to recover. It was not to be, Morin was left to focus on Saturday’s Pro Open as Ross Martin walked away with the $10,000 prize.

Saturday began with BOSS Pro Light Riders; Derek Ellis, Corey Watkinson and Petter Narsa showing astonishing speed, pulling holeshots and displaying soaring triples to a crowded grandstands. The team took four 1st place wins in the heat races— sending both Ellis and Narsa to the Main.

Host athlete, Petter Narsa (#271) was the undisputed fastest rider on the track and top qualifier headed into this final. At the start, Narsa pulled the holeshot and led the entire race to win the opening round of the ACSS Pro Light class— clearly displaying his internationally renowned talent.

When the Pro Mods screamed onto the track, the crowd was in a frenzy as a super fast Mathieu Morin advanced to pass leader Malinoski during the first heat in Pro Open qualifying.

A dislocated shoulder injury cut things short and sent Morin to the back leaving him with an 8th place result. Round 2 qualifying brought a 3rd place finish for Morin- leaving him 1 point shy of the LCQ and edging him out of the main.

Sunday’s Pro Light was a near perfect repeat of day one, with Ellis, Narsa and Watkinson taking 4 combined first place finishes during qualifying- this time sending all 3 riders into the Main, with Derek Ellis (#106) ranked as the number one qualifier.

Narsa came off the line in 2nd advancing on Kody Kamm, when he got tangled up in lap traffic only 2 laps left to go. Narsa continued to hold his 2nd place position taking the number 2 podium slot. Ellis took 4th overall.

Lead Pro, Mathieu Morin (#14) had a strange series of highs and lows during Sunday’s Pro Open qualifying rounds; he consistently exploded off the line moving to the 2nd place spot. Due to his earlier shoulder injury he could not sustain his position.

During all three rounds he left the crowd bewildered as he would move to pass the leader – then suddenly he appeared to slump over the sled and pull off the track- the result of his shoulder popping out of its socket and leaving him briefly unable to use his arm.

Mathieu has been equipped with a state-of-the-art brace and doctors have already given him the green light for the next race of the season.

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