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Digital Subscribers Will Get Exclusive FIFTH Issue This Season Only Available On ZINIO

If you’ve browsed through just about any mall in America you’ve passed by the uber sterile and modern Apple stores. Recently Apple introduced the next generation of its ridiculously successful iPhone and then took the entire world by storm with its sleek and elegant iPad. These products have been an overwhelming success for the computer giant as it just posted reports of a third quarter profit of $3.25 Billion!

How does this apply to snowmobiling? Apart from the fact that many of you have at least thought about an iPad in the past few months, these tools, along with your desktop computer or laptop, have paved the way for the digital evolution of print media.

Supertrax International has just released its first edition in digital format available on ZINIO. From this point forward, all issues of Supertrax will be archived on ZINIO’s newsstand and will be available for purchase as singles or by subscribing to the digital edition. Once subscribed, your copy will be available for download to your iPhone, iPad, laptop and desktop computer to read whenever or wherever you carry your device! Subscribers will be notified immediately as soon as each issue is available for download to ensure you’re the first to get your copy!

If you aren’t familiar with ZINIO, you’re going to be hearing a lot about this company in the coming months. The best description for ZINIO is a digital newsstand. Zinio allows its users to shop for, search for, read and store digital editions of magazines and books. By accessing a user account, magazines can be purchased and downloaded directly to the user’s computer or device and, since the release of the iPad, magazines can now be viewed in a futuristic and, in our opinion, pretty cool way.

“This is an exciting time for us,” says Mike Lester, Online Editor, Supertrax International. “There is unlimited potential to take the magazine to new heights. As technology develops, we intend to add more interactive features to the digital editions such as embedded video segments. Our collective thumbs are on the throttle and we’re focused on continuing to deliver the best magazine in the industry in both print and on the web.”

Supertrax will continue to be available in its traditional print format on newsstands and through subscriptions. However, digital subscribers will gain access to a FIFTH issue available in March and only available through ZINIO. This issue will give readers a first hand look at all the latest sleds and technology for 2012 supported by opinions from the most experienced team in the industry. Readers will also find regular columns from Mark and Kent Lester as well as great new products and accessories that every snowmobiler will want.

Check out Supertrax on ZINIO to find out more about this exciting product and for an amazing subscription offer.

Click here for more information and to subscribe!

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