Stop the TOP A Trail Closure in Kapuskasing

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Press Release –

The Kap Sno Rovers are very disappointed in The Town of Kapuskasing’s decision to deny access for the snowmobile trail in front of the Kapuskasing Welcome Centre. The reason for the refusal of access is based on the spring condition of the sod in front of the Welcome Centre.

Kapuskasing is one of the most popular snowmobiling destinations in the Province of Ontario. The region has the longest snowmobling season in Ontario with an average of 15 weeks of snowmobiling.

This trail is the only link across Kapuskasing and to Kapuskasing businesses. The Kap Sno Rovers will have no choice but to reroute this trail which will bypass the Town of Kapuskasing completely. This means that the economic spinoff from snowmobiling tourists, which many local Kapuskasing businesses enjoy, will be almost nonexistant.

The Kap Sno Rovers approached the Town of Kapuskasing administration with positive solutions and offered to partner with the town in a mutually beneficial solution, but was denied by Council.

The Kap Sno Rovers requested a meeting with Council to explain their suggested possible solutions but were denied once again. As locallyminded volunteers, the Kap Sno Rovers are disappointed that their efforts to add to the recreational enjoyment and economics of the community are not being recognized by the Town of Kapuskasing Council.

For more information contact:

Al Carriere, President
Kap Sno Rovers

Sign the petition to send to council at

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