Snowmobilers Gearing Up For A Great Season

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The snowmobile manufacturers are completing production of the 2013 model snowmobiles as snowmobilers eagerly await the upcoming snowmobiling season.

2013 brings renewed optimism and a positive outlook for the manufacturers and related suppliers. The 2013 models were introduced to the public at the Sneak Peek shows held across North America this past spring.

We are happy to report that attendance at shows across the country was healthy and enthusiasm for new snowmobiles strong. Outdoor enthusiasts and snowmobilers alike have pent up demand to enjoy the winter on a snowmobile.

Enthusia sts realize the manufacturers are building quality, clean, quiet, responsive machines for all of us to enjoy.

New engine technologies and ride performance technologies have been introduced with the 2013 models as well as improved efficiencies and handling characteristics.

The fall show circuit is shaping up to be strong and many of the snowmobile show promoters are forecasting strong attendance and new product offerings.

The manufacturers are are also encouraged by the dramatic increase in visitation to the Go Snowmobiling web site, which is designed for new snowmobilers and non-snowmobilers.

This past year, 24% of the visitors to the Go Snowmobiling web site were non-snowmobilers and a high percentage of those visiting the site stated they were in the market to purchase a snowmobile and planned to do so within a year.

Not only are non-snowmobilers visiting the site for the first time but they are doing so in record numbers.

During the 2011-2012 snowmobiling season, over 3,528,000 visitors came to the web site.

This data compares to 1,512,000 who visited the site in 2008-2009. The interest level is high, the fall shows look like they are going to be sold out and full of excitement.

We are looking for a great snowy winter in the snowmobile community. Plan on visiting your local snowmobile dealer and your local snowmobile show this fall and bring a friend to go snowmobiling.

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