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Last night at 11:30pm ET BRP pulled the sheets of its 2016 snowmobile lineup and the Internet exploded.

Supertrax Media Inc. was quick on the draw with fresh editorial posted on within seconds, which received more than 50,000 views within a few short hours of posting – some of the highest immediate traffic numbers our site has seen!

So impressive was the response from our rabid fans that we experienced a literal server traffic jam resulting in slower load times for a short period and for this we apologize.

Mike Lester, Online Editor stated, “The response to these posts is impressive. We’re working to ensure the site is enhanced for increased traffic flow in the future, but this occasion is a testament to our fans and their passion for snowmobiling!”

Although the site got briefly overloaded, our technicians worked late into the morning hours to optimize speeds to ensure upcoming posts on the 2016 sleds will be fast and readily available.

Thanks to all our readers for your continued support. Your passion for our sport is what drives us and we’re proud to report on the sleds you love and even the ones you don’t.

Ride safe!

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