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Okay, somebody’s a little bit nuts up there in Valcourt.

Think about this: A full blown utility sled that has the capability to smoke some of the best trail sleds out there.

This is what happens when engineer’s imaginations are allowed to run wild.

Seriously, this is a crazy exciting snowmobile and one we think is on target to be a huge hit in Europe and areas of North America where trails are not as plentiful and deep snow riding is the vogue.

Powered only by a Rotax 800 E-TEC (yes, that’s right – no other engine options are available), the E-Extreme with its SC-SU articulated rear end with gi-bungous dimensions (a 154 x 20 x 1.75 inch track!), double A-arm front end, KYB Pro 36 aluminum gas shocks front and rear and wide, easy floating Pilot DS 2 skis, is an imposing snowmobile.

Naturally, this sled will go almost anywhere off-trail but is it ever a blast to ride it on-trail! Handling is surprisingly decent and its ride is flat-out excellent.

Weight? Don’t even mention it. Although, come to think of it, Ski-doo’s 2016 product guide does indicate the Extreme comes with “lightweight” aluminum handlebars.

Glad to hear that; we wouldn’t want those bulky steel ones adding unnecessary mass.

Certainly a niche snowmobile, the Expedition Extreme is a well executed experiment and just may open new market opportunities for Ski-Doo.

As it is, we’re wondering if a snocross version might be available soon. Come to think of it, there are cross-country races where this sled would actually be a strong choice.

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