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It’s no secret Arctic Cat was a little light on new product for 2006. However, if rumors are even partially true, we suspect this season and in particular, model year 2007 will be a blockbuster.

The success of Yamaha’s Apex and Vector has driven interest in 4-stroke sleds to the stratosphere. If we had to guess what AC’s posture on 2 or 4-stroke power might be in the future, we’d speculate a mixture of both with a deliberate focus on the Holy Grail of 4-stroke snowmobile manufacturing.

Clearly Yamaha has nailed the 4-stroke equation with the new Apex, but there’s one 2-stroke element Yamaha has not yet countered with its 4-stroke program: light weight.

We believe the first OEM to introduce the first high output 4-stroke snowmobile not demanding any weight compromise will categorically change the game.

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