2005-2006 Snowcross Season

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The CSRA has announced a few changes for the upcoming snowcross season including additional race classes.

0-300cc Stock Class:

Provide a fun, safe and inexpensive racing experience for all ages. Entry Fee for all 300cc classes is $35/day.

Novice-A 300 (age 8-10, girls/boys combined)
Novice-B 300 (age 11-13, girls/boys combined)
Junior 300 (age 14-17, girls/boys combined)
Adult 300 (18 and older, adult combined)

Snow Hawk (18 plus) 0-600cc stock Class:

– Entry fee of $50
– No studs
– All other ISR stock class racing rules apply.

Sport Vet:

New age limit of 30 years and older.

All Open Classes:

Effective immediately, all Open racing classes will be limited to 600cc 2-stroke engines and limited to 1050cc 4-stroke engines.

4-Stroke Racing:

There is a 1.75 ratio in effect for 4/stroke snowmobiles (Example: 600cc x 1.75 = 1050cc 4/stroke). The new Yamaha snowmobiles under 1050cc will be permitted to compete in the Trail Sport 600 and Sport 600 Stock classes, as well as, the Open classes.

Qualifying Format- All classes – Moto’s & Finals:

This race season all racers will qualify to finals with the moto system.

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