PWC Exit

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In early September Polaris announced they would be bowing out of the personal watercraft (PWC) business.

Polaris had been struggling to respond to the PWC industry’s dramatic move toward 4-stroke power for the past 24 months. Although long overdue, new 4-stroke models just debuted by Polaris were very impressive.

It was probably too little, too late for the company to achieve any serious market share in an industry under steady decline the past seven years. Sales of personal watercraft reached almost 250,000 units in the middle 90’s but have dropped to about 80,000 units this season.

Interestingly, Polaris is exiting the PWC market after developing an incredibly potent 750cc, 2-cylinder, DOHC, 8-valve, turbo charged and intercooled 4-stroke manufactured for them by German vendor, Weber Motor.

If you would like to see where Redline was obviously buying (or intended to buy) their engines and where Polaris has been doing business ,go to

Now let’s think for a second here. Could a lightweight, 4-stroke twin making 150 ponies be adaptable to a snowmobile? Yeah.

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