Jimmy Blaze Goes Big In Duluth

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Press Release –

Freestyle superstar Jimmy Blaze signed autographs for fans at YRCC and kept the crowd on the edge of their seats, as he performed his popular show between races.

“Despite riding into a fierce headwind and having a 70-foot gap between his ramps, which is 20 feet longer than normal, Jimmy attempted his signature trick, the backflip,” explained Freestyle Manager Eric Josephsen.

“He has landed over 300 backflips in his career, but this time, due to conditions, he could not complete the trick. He was taken to the local hospital and released. The good news is that Jimmy Blaze is OK and will be back to ride again!”

YRCC resounding success

In addition to all the racing excitement of the first National race of the season, snocross fans also took in the Yamaha Racing Communications Center (YRCC) experience.

Hundreds of happy consumers had their photos taken sitting on the Factory FX Nytro Race sled, flanked by the fabulously beautiful Yamaha Snocross girls. Visitors can download their autograph stock photo at www.yamaha-motor.com/snocrossfanphotos.

Race fans also had the opportunity to get autographs from the Factory Snocross racers and Freestyle superstar Jimmy Blaze during their visit to the YRCC.

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