ISOC Racing Named New Snowmobile Race Circuit

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Press Release –
We are excited to announce ISOC Racing as the New Snowmobile National Race Circuit .
After many meetings and careful review of the ISOC Racing’s business plan, we have made an unanimous decision as Team Owners, supported by Manufacturers to work with ISOC Racing Circuit at a Regional and National level.

John Daniels and the ISOC bring us as Team Owners, Manufacturers, Sponors and Racers a pumped-up experienced crew ready to take snowmobile racing to the next level . 

We will have an excellent television schedule, increased payouts, a full National and Regional Race Schedule.
WPSA has ended its tenure building a venue for snowmobile racing and we thank them for all they have done over the years for racing and the snowmobile industry. 

John Daniels and his crew at ISOC will take over from here and the future of snowmobile racing couldn’t be brighter!

There is so much excitement preparing for the new year and all we can acheive working together.
Let’s give John and his crew our complete support and we will all win!!!!
Look for a press release soon from the ISOC Crew with more details and let’s go racing!!  

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