Invitation from OFSC President Bruce Robinson

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Dear Industry Stakeholder:

Many changes have occurred in snowmobiling over the past decade that are impacting our future as an industry.

While some of these ongoing transformations are beyond our direct control, we do have the ability to influence their outcomes and control our own destiny through strategic thinking, progressive planning and coordinated action.

As a non-profit association, the OFSC is committed to sustaining and growing organized snowmobiling in Ontario and to the overall long-term health and betterment of the snowmobiling industry.

As the new OFSC President, my priority is to renew and reenergize organized snowmobiling into a strong TEAM OFSC to help lead our industry through these difficult times. Thus, we have embarked on a major, flagship initiative called “GO Snowmobiling” — the theme that will be our mantra and rallying cry for the foreseeable future.

One important element of GO Snowmobiling is our recent participation with the Sledder’s Choice Group Insurance Program, which is making snowmobiling more affordable for many OFSC riders.

Another is our new alliance with Skywords (see attached release). By broadcasting snowmobiling info and trail condition reports on mainstream radio throughout the winter, the OFSC is promoting GO Snowmobiling to many new prospects and repositioning sledding as a family-friendly activity.

Our new OFSC Go Snowmobiling Show is one more example of how the OFSC is thinking outside the box to revitalize our industry. In keeping with our GO Snowmobiling theme, the new show’s purposes are:

* To grow participation in organized snowmobiling.
* To attract new consumers and provide a new market for our industry.
* To financially support the OFSC trails that cornerstone our industry.
* To help ensure a strong future for the snowmobiling industry.

The OFSC believes that our new OFSC Go Snowmobiling Show meets an unfulfilled need for an upscale, family-based, recreational and tourism event. The OFSC Go Snowmobiling Show appeals directly to individuals and families looking for both an introduction and an invitation to the incomparable winter experience that snowmobiling truly is.

I know that word of our new show is causing some concern among certain stakeholders, especially those who do not understand or accept what we are trying to accomplish. I know that joining with the OFSC on this new venture requires a certain leap of faith. But I also know that, if we continue with the same old-same old status quo, we cannot successfully manage the major changes we face as an industry or lead it to a better, more prosperous future.

You be the judge. Will Sledder’s Choice and the Skywords reports help grow our industry? Who else is taking such a proactive lead for improvement? So I invite you to share the big picture view of our industry by joining TEAM OFSC — the home team for organized snowmobiling in Ontario.

By supporting and attending our new OFSC Go Snowmobiling Show, you are stepping up to the plate for the long-term growth and prosperity of the snowmobiling industry, and for a more certain future for all stakeholders. Believe me, this is just the beginning of what the OFSC can achieve for our industry with GO Snowmobiling — and with your active participation! Thank you for your consideration and cooperation.

Yours truly,

Bruce Robinson
OFSC President

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