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If you Snow Checked an IQ Fusion Polaris this spring here’s some info you’ll want to read. Engine air intake has been updated from the protos we rode in McCall, Idaho.

Air is now drawn from behind the windshield instead of the front of the hood in an effort to reduce snow ingestion. Peak power is now claimed to be 150 HP or 11% more than the current Liberty 800.

More significant is the 23% gain in HP at 6,000 RPM when compared to the 800. As well, peak torque is 13% greater than the XC 800.

Electric start as a dealer installed option will be available this winter. All 121 inch Fusions will come standard with a RipSaw 1.25 inch lug track at no extra charge to early order customers.

While all Fusions have tunnel top tunnel protectors as a result of the 1.25 track, a rear cooler protector kit (part # 2874687) will be necessary for traction product use.

Fuel mileage in late season testing has been averaging 14 mpg at aggressive trail speeds. Polaris claims the proto Fusion 900’s we tested weighed 524 pounds (dry).

Their goal is to deliver production Fusions at a claimed 499 pounds (dry). We did not weigh any sleds in McCall this spring as a result of new guidelines for the annual Snow Shoot event. Polaris indicates 499 pounds is the current dry weight of the 800 XC SP.

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