Crossfire Sets Standard for Hybrid Market

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(Press Release) — The 2006 Arctic Cat Crossfire has performance coursing through its veins via engineering genes bred from the successful M-Series and Firecat lineage.

For 2006, Arctic Cat focused on producing a snowmobile that had exceptional performance in all categories of trail handling, deep powder capabilities, suspension and most importantly rider ergonomics.

The Crossfire shares a lot of elements found in the mountain machine such as higher mountain handlebars attached to a reinforced steering post. These bars not only help you toss the sled around in the powder, but help the transition from sitting to standing.

Adding to the ergonomics category are wide running boards with a flatter stirrup for improved stand-up riding and star-punch running board traction features found on the M-Series machines.

The new Crossfire is designed to work exceptionally well on the trails but can journey into deep powder excursions with ease. The hood draws air through intakes near the headlights that feature removable snow screens. Complementing the functionality of the hood are tool-free removable side panels. These easy-to-remove panels allow quick access to the engine, clutches and brake.

Propelling the Crossfire to a new class of dominating performance is the Suzuki laydown 700 EFI powerplant that leaves the competition soiling their snowsuits as you blow by them.

All that power is put to the ground via the ACT Diamond Drive System that eliminates the traditional chaincase with a planetary gear drive located on the PTO side of the chassis. This weight reduction also places the hydraulic brake disc directly on the drive axle.

Power is fed to a FasTrack Long Travel System slide-rail suspension with lightweight aluminum Arctic Cat (IFP) shocks and a Torque Sensing Link rear arm. Wrapping up the suspension system is a 15 x 136 x 1.25” Ripsaw patterned track designed for the ultimate trail and powder performance.

Up front, suspension duties are taken care of by the AWS-VI double wishbone A-arms with lightweight aluminum Arctic Cat gas (IFP) and 42” – 44” adjustable ski stance.

This fire breathing new model is available in Black or Orange. You better hurry to get one; this new hybrid is going to leave the competition crying!

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