Close To The Border, Never Far From Home

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The Outaouais region of Quebec still represents a spectacular snowmobiling opportunity running parallel to the Ontario border and close to the northeastern United States.

This amazing region can either be a destination in itself or act as a link to the many other incredible snowmobile touring regions in Quebec.

Despite its numerous, varied trail circuits and classy, European flavored accommodation, Outaouais is one of snowmobiling’s least told stories.

Check a map of Quebec and you’ll find the Outaouais region presents an amazing snowmobiling experience in very close proximity to the snowmobile populations of Ontario and the northeastern US.

Close proximity means you can get to a place to ride quickly, stay for a short tour of the region or use it as a starting point to see as many of the wonderful riding opportunities the province of Quebec affords. You choose. You win.

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