CCSO Encourages Responsible Riding

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Press Release –

With winter conditions well established in many parts of Canada the CCSO in partnership with the provincial organizations reminds snowmobilers across the country that February is Snowmobiling Environment Month.

Snowmobiling offers a wonderful opportunity to get out, get active and enjoy the beauty of Canada’s natural wonders during the winter months.

The Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations (CCS0) reminds snowmobilers that it is every snowmobiler’s responsibility to know and follow the Snowmobilers Code of Ethics and to ensure that our trails and forests continue to flourish.

The following recommendations can help to ensure that each and every trip onto the trail networks is done in an environmentally favorable manner.

Leave Tracks, Not Trash

If you had space to bring it in, then respect nature by carrying it out.

Protect Wildlife

Animals are more vulnerable in the winter, so keep your distance and leave them alone.

Stay On The Trail

Wherever organized trails exist, reduce your environmental impact by riding on them.

Snowmobilers have historically paid their own way for the development and maintenance of the snowmobile trail systems. In many areas trails developed by snowmobile clubs directly benefit many other outdoor enthusiasts.

During the non-winter months, many of these trails are used for hiking, horseback riding, bicycling and other trail based activities.

Share the message during the month of February that “Snowmobilers are Environmentalists”. We care about the environment and work closely with businesses and the governments to properly plan the trails systems.

Well designed, signed and maintained trails and riding areas will provide future generations with many enjoyable recreational snowmobiling experiences.

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