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BRP’s Ski-Doo snowmobiles unleashed its new advanced rMotion suspension on the snowmobile world today. The suspension sets new benchmarks in amount of travel, rising rate motion ratio, ease of adjustment and most importantly comfort and control.

BRP engineers challenged themselves to produce a state of the art suspension offering everything a performance rider would want; great performance in big bumps, a smooth ride in small stutter bumps, a wide window of performance without adjustment and great cornering performance.

Their answer is rMotion, which offers the most rising rate shock motion ratio in snowmobiling and up to 30% more travel than competitive suspensions.

And because BRP engineers always push the envelope, they took it a step farther by making it easy to adjust in standard form or even easier with the optional Quick Adjust System, for spring preload and shock compression changes.

While the new rMotion suspension will be available to order on 2012 MXZ X and X RS packages this spring, it is also being released in a small amount of demonstration snowmobiles for the Eastern and Midwest markets through the rest of the riding season.

Visit your local dealer to see if they will be in your area.

More information on Ski-Doo snowmobiles can be found at

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