Big Changes For MY ’07 Cat Fleet

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Let’s get into the meat of the MY 07 Arctic Cat lineup. This is no “paint and graphics”, warmed over snowmobile product brochure; this is 2007’s most revolutionary fleet of new sleds.

So sweeping are the changes, the names Firecat and Sabercat are gone – removed – deleted from AC nomenclature.

Arctic Cat has been listening to the market and has discovered there really isn’t a “Gentleman Cruiser” customer. In fact, no one wants to be known as an “almost serious” snowmobiler.

Monikers like Sabercat, Classic and GSX exude just that – diluted ditch bangers targeted at riders who don’t want to be known by these lukewarm images.

Leaving Sabercat and Firecat behind has simplified the buying process and streamlines Arctic’s assembly lines and dealer showrooms.

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