Andrew Carlson Suffers Season Ending Injury

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It started out as a season filled with promise and hope for Team Sportech. During the off-season the team matured, aligned itself with some of the best sponsors in the industry, acquired a top-shelf mechanic and spent hours upon hours training and practicing in preparation for the season to come.

By mid-season the hopes had turned to reality as both Andrew and Taylor Carlson were demonstrating incredible growth on the track, garnered a few podiums both on the regional and national stage, and we’re poised to make a run for their respective year-end point championships.

But then fate stepped in; first with a season ending knee injury to Taylor Carlson after she was pitched from her machine while competing at Brainerd, Minnesota during a national competition; and later with a similar injury to Andrew Carlson as he was poised to make a run for the Semi-Pro Super Stock crown during the last race of the ISOC Minnesota Regional series in Thief River Falls, Minnesota. “You always know injuries can be a part of this sport,” said father and team owner Chris Carlson. “You just never expect to have it happen to both of your riders at virtually the same time.”

Strong Start to the Weekend for Andrew Early in the day during qualifying action in Thief River Falls, Andrew was once again riding with consistency. Qualifying efforts were solid in all three Semi-Pro classes and he had the momentum and the stage set to capture the Semi-Pro Super Stock #2 year-end title in the final the following day by beating current point leader Devin Bertoch in two of three qualifying rounds.

But then during the final race of the day, on the last lap with just one corner to go, Andrew overshot a double and was pitched hard into his sled. As on-track medics assessed Andrew, it was quickly learned his race weekend was over and so too were his championship hopes.

After the conclusion of racing on Sunday, Andrew still netted a second overall in Semi-Pro Super Stock #1 and #2 and finished third on the season in Semi-Pro Open. “The injury not only dashed our hopes for titles at the regional level,” said Carlson. “But we were hoping for strong finishes at the last national race in Lake Geneva as well.” Chris Carlson Sweeps Last Regional; Claims Year End Titles in Both Plus Classes Despite the injury to Andrew, Chris Carlson regrouped and looked for more positive results in the Plus 30 and Plus 40 classes. Chris entered the weekend leading both classes and simply needed a strong showing in both to take home the year-end titles.

Never willing to simply settle, Carlson hit the track with guns loaded and swept both classes, easily claiming both championships. Taylor and Andrew Remain Positive and Focused It should come as no surprise that despite their injuries, both Taylor and Andrew were seen trackside during the final AMSOIL Championship Snocross Series race of the season in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. After watching Chris finish second in the Plus 40 class during the invitational Showdown at Sundown action on Friday, Taylor and Andrew were on hand for the Sunday evening awards banquet to receive their year-end trophies in national competition.

In Pro Women, Taylor finished the season in fifth, despite missing the last four races of the season. And Andrew took home seventh and fourth place hardware in Sport Stock #1 and Sport Stock #2 respectively. Currently both riders are ahead of schedule with physical therapy as they prepare for surgery in the coming weeks. And most recently, Andrew received great news from his doctor – in that his injury is not as severe as originally diagnosed and his expected recovery period has been greatly improved. Both Andrew and Taylor are fully committed to being 100% prepared for the season opener at Duluth, Minnesota, November 27, 2009.

Next Up While the snocross season is over and both riders face a summer of rehabilitation, Team Sportech is poised for even more success and perhaps some exciting changes during the summer months.Visit the newly updated website at to stay abreast of the latest happenings.

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