A Winter of Domination for Team Arctic

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For a company whose winning tradition stretches nearly five decades, Team Arctic’s 2009 winter snowmobile race season ranks among the most memorable.

The winning started at the first snocross in November, expanded into cross-country arena and continued through the entire hillclimb series with a level of domination that placed Team Arctic alone and on top. After the final race in March, the results were tallied and told a story of record-breaking success and supremacy.

In the eight-race ISOC National Snocross Series, Team Arctic proved the potency of top talent matched by the phenomenal Sno Pro 600 race sled, winning 32 of the 60 possible finals comprised of Pro, Semi Pro and Sport classes.

Just as impressive, of the 180 possible podium finishers during the season, 85 wore the proud colors of Team Arctic. And three racers scored championship point titles: Carly Davis in Pro Women; Cory Davis in Semi Pro Stock; and Cody Thomsen in Sport Super Stock.

“The fact that we won more than half of all the finals says everything about the quality of our racers and snowmobiles,” said Mike Kloety, Team Arctic Race Manager. “Plus, Tucker Hibbert went undefeated in the four Nationals he competed in, as well as winning the ESPN X Games. Had he raced the entire season, there’s no doubt he’d have won more finals and taken both championships.”

A similar story unfolded in the seven race USCC cross-country circuit, where Team Arctic racers captured 39 of the 87 possible class victories, and 126 of the 261 podium positions.

Such domination netted seven class championships for Team Arctic, with D.J. Ekre grabbing Pro Open, Cody Kallock taking Semi Pro Improved, Adam Brandt winning both Amateur 600 and Amateur Improved, Marty Feil in Fan 600, Adam Mach taking Jr. 10-13 and Timmy Kallock winning Jr. 14-17.

“We support all levels of cross-country racing, and it shows,” said Kloety. “We had four different Pros winning in the top classes, and similar range of winners in all the classes.”

Winning from the top on down was a hallmark of Team Arctic in the RMSHA hillclimb circuit, where the formidable M Series snowmobiles and a cadre of great racers combined to dominate the eight-race series.

Out of 172 possible first place finishes for the year, Team Arctic hillclimbers won 78 plus took 15 King titles along the way. Likewise, Team Green occupied 201 of the 519 possible podium positions, scored five high point championship awards and claimed 15 World Championship titles at Jackson Hole.

“In the race to the top, our hillclimb team was unmatched,” said Kloety. “We’re accustomed to winning, but their performance this season was beyond expectation.”

While the winter race season has ended, Team Arctic’s summer drag and asphalt racers are poised to extend the win streak. With a powered-up 800 engine on tap in the new 2010 models, along with the 177-hp Z1 Turbo, Team Arctic has unmatched firepower for the straightline battles that will soon begin.

For the latest news on Team Arctic, go to www.arcticcat.com.

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