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ALL-NEW SRViper, R-TX SE, L-TX, L-TX SE, X-TX SE and Phazer X-TX Highlight Jaw-Dropping 2014 Model Introduction

Yamaha has sprung from the pack to unveil 6 new models for 2014, led by the eye-catching SRViper Series of snowmobiles.

“Today is a bold step forward for the Yamaha snowmobile division,” commented Chris Reid, National Manager, Product Planning & Research for Yamaha Motor Canada. “The ‘Viper’ name is legendary among snowmobilers, so we couldn’t bring it back for just ‘any’ snowmobile.
Our new Viper family offers snowmobilers the performance and versatility they crave with the reliability they deserve!”

At the heart of every Viper lies the legendary High-Performance, 3-Cylinder, four-stroke Genesis, the same engine found in the popular FXNytro series. Renowned for its arm-stretching throttle response and bulletproof reliability, the fuel-injected three-holer is complemented with Yamaha’s YVXC clutch system for added durability and strong performance.

Housing the potent Genesis in every Viper package is the dominating SRV chassis. The triangulated design forces load into the strongest parts of the chassis, increasing rigidity and lessening flex. Combined with the Genesis High Performance engine, it makes for a dynamic duo.

Other highlights of ‘Viper’ series snowmobiles are the SRV front suspension, Dual Shock SRV rear suspension, push button reverse and some of the most stylish decals and colours on snow.

But Yamaha didn’t stop with the Viper family, with a new incarnation of its fun-loving Phazer being unveiled. Enter the 144″ track-equipped Phazer X-TX. With the addition of Yamaha Tuner skis to go along with the most powerful 500cc engine on snow, the Phazer X-TX is a spectacular snowmobile on the trail, in the powder or any place in between.

The usual suspects are back for Yamaha as well, with most of the Apex, Vector, Nytro, Venture, Phazer, RSViking and SRX 120 models on the line for 2014. Only the FXNytro X-TX, FXNytro
R-TX, Phazer GT and Venture Lite have not returned.

For complete information on the exciting 2014 Yamaha snowmobile line, please visit Yamaha-motor.ca

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