4-Stroke Wars Continue

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While the launch of 4-stroke power from Ski-Doo makes it four-for-four in the OEM 4-stroke wars, an interesting twist has developed in early sales reports.

Again, this is speculative info as International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association numbers are not released to the media (the only OEM industry association in the powersports industry that does not release sales number to the media).

Early reports indicated 4-stroke sled sales were flat to down early this season. Huh? While the 4-stroke sales leader, Yamaha, was growing its sales, the overall 4-stroke biz appeared lagging.

In a year generating a sizable resurgence of new sled sales the attractiveness of non-current model deep discount prices, rebates and accessory programs piled onto 2-strokes may have taken buyers who drove to sled dealers with 4-stroke intentions back to a too-good-to-refuse deal on a 2-stroke.

With non-current inventories dropping throughout the winter and few 4-stroke non-currents, we think this might be the underlying reason for this trend.

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