2013 Team Arctic Sno Pro 600

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Arctic Cat is constantly at the forefront of race development and has a winning history that’s as long as the company is old.

As a result of their relentless testing and focus on building the most well-rounded race sled, a fine-tuned 2013 Sno Pro 600 will stick it to every competitor where it counts; with improvements to durability, precision cornering and unmatched suspension control.

Listed below are the winning key features of the 2013 Sno Pro 600 in the ProCross chassis. In addition, please read the list of updates that our racers have been raving about while testing in the off-season:

* 600R race engine with Heated 40mm Mikuni rack style TM carburetors w/TPS
* Front Arctic Race Suspension (ARS) – with Fox Float X Evol Shox
* Race Slide Action rear suspension equipped with Fox Racing Shox
* 1.7-in. Snocross track or 1.25-in. Cobra 2-ply Cross Country track
* Arctic Drive System (ADS) with magnesium chaincase and Torque Overload Sensing (TOS) bottom sprocket
* Torque Control Link (TCL) – Links the drive to the driven clutch
* Radial Master Cylinder brake system
* 5-gallon Snocross or 13-gallon Cross Country fuel tank

2013 600 Sno Pro Race Sled Updates

I. New Chassis Geometry

The added ground clearance improves predictability through the huge holes and allows the rider to attack the track with more confidence, all while scrubbing less speed.

a. 1.35-inch added ground clearance at foot pockets
b. Flatter running board angles
c. Single layer .080″ thick tunnel for increased strength
d. New rear suspension mounting positions give track drive more ground clearance

II. New front suspension/steering geometry

a. Improved caster angle
b. Increased ski stance to 43.5″ (1.2″ wider than 2012)
c. New steering ratio for sharper turning radius
d. New ski damper loads rear of ski for improved handling
e. New front arm shock eyelet for improved durability

III. New rear suspension

Both the front and rear suspension changes will improve the ability of the driver to steer and control the sled while on the gas.

a. Front arm mounting position moved rearward 2″ to improve transfer control
b. Increased Front arm suspension travel by approximately 1″
c. Added strength to both front arm and idler arm for improved durability
d. New Torsion spring for increased preload
e. New rear coupling position, give a wider range of usable adjustment

IV. Drive system updates – Last season Arctic Cat’s all-new Torque Overload Sensing (TOS) Bottom Sprocket found in the magnesium chaincase worked flawlessly to save the drive system from the pounding of harsh terrain.

a. New PTO engine plate for added durability
b. Increased stiffness in engine mounts for added durability
c. Modified dropcase for increased strength
d. New lightweight/high strength track drive shaft
e. New driven shaft with increased durability
f. New drive clutch spring
g. New drive belt

V. Brake system

Updates to the brake system will give the driver a more positive feel and control throughout the race.

a. New brake caliper and disk
i. Increased fastener size holding caliper halves together to decrease flex
ii. New deeper pistons to eliminate caulking
iii. Machining updates to improve bearing retention
iv. Increased ports for improved flow
v. New seal groove for improved piston retraction

VI. Other Items

a. Heated 40mm Mikuni rack style TM carburetors w/TPS
b. New 1/4 turn assembly, hood pin, and hold down strap to secure side panels
c. Added thickness to Snocross snow flap for increased durability
d. Modified front heat exchanger engine mount bracket for increased durability
e. Updated wire harness for improved routing
f. New throttle cable with increased temperature rating
g. New choke cable added
h. Snocross seat has narrower (1.5-in. each side) leg profile than Cross Country seat
i. Snocross has low-height windshield and Cross Country has mid-height
j. C&A XT Snocross or C&A ADX Cross Country Ski (Carbides NOT included)
k. New Team Arctic Green color

About Arctic Cat – Arctic Cat Inc., based in Thief River Falls, Minn., designs, engineers, manufactures and markets all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and snowmobiles under the Arctic Cat® brand name, as well as related parts, garments and accessories. Its common stock is traded on the NASDAQ National Market under the ticker symbol “ACAT.”

More information about Arctic Cat and its products is available on the Internet at www.arcticcat.com.

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