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If you get a chance to ride a new AXYS, we guarantee you’ll be impressed.

This sled grabs you like the original RUSH never did and will undoubtedly convert over a bunch of Ski-Doo and Cat 2-stroke lovers this year and probably next.

At showroom decision time, it may even tempt Polaris Indy shoppers to spend more bucks and jump up to the AXYS over the Indy. Where does this leave the Indy for next year?

There are a lot of strong points about the 2015 Indy, especially the 800 SP version. It’s extremely light, has a very good reputation for handling and although its ride quality is not a match for the AXYS, it works very well – especially considering its way-lower price tag.

We’ve already told you this sled was the fastest 2014 Hypersled but this year we think the 2015 RUSH will be faster because of its weight diet and amped-up new 800 engine. We also believe the Liberty 600 will be appreciably faster this year in the AXYS – perhaps for the same reasons.

So, the question is, will Polaris continue to offer the Indy unchanged but at bargain-basement prices? The answer is both “no and yes”. We think there’s a couple of reasons why Polaris won’t leave the Indy the same and more reasons why the price will not skyrocket.

First consideration: Why keep building two different versions of the Liberty 800 engine?

It just makes sense, considering EPA certification, it would be far easier and more efficient to just drop the revisited 800 into an Indy chassis next year. If this happens, you’ll be seeing a very fast and even more exciting Indy.

The good thing is, although the price may go up a bit, you’ll not see it moving out of range compared to the AXYS.

We don’t think you’ll see a lot of extras added, like trick instruments or specialty shocks. Frankly, we don’t think the Indy will get a new AXYS-style front bulkhead or any new plastic in 2016.

There may be a re-cal of the skidframe shocks in the works but frankly, we don’t think Polaris is going to mess much with a good thing – and something that is selling really well.

It comes down to this: Look for the new 800 mill pirated from the AXYS and the same thing for the 600. This will give Polaris two strong entries in the sizzle sweepstakes – and we think that will be enough!

Kent Lester
Kent Lester
Kent Lester is Co-Publisher of SUPERTRAX Magazine and a regular contributor to this website.

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