Which Sled Will Be The Biggest Hit?

In our recent poll we asked which model you thought would be the biggest sales hit for the 2005 season. Out of over 550 participants, the results were as follows:

145 votes – M-Series Mountain Cats (26.32%)
142 votes – Ski-Doo Mach Z 1000 (25.77%)
101 votes – Yamaha Vector 1000 (18.33%)
88 votes – Polaris Fusion 900 (15.97%)
53 votes – Ski-Doo REV 550 Fan (9.62%)
22 votes – Polaris RMK 900 (3.99%)

Scroll down the page to take part in our latest poll! We ask: Which 2005 sled represents the best value for the money?

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