What We Really Think of The EVO

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We have to admit we were wrong about the EVO! At first we thought this was an answer to a question no one was asking. Turns out, the EVO is exactly what the market needs – and wants.

When we first saw it, we were surprised at how low it sat and, well… how small it looked.

It’s a common response when the industry has a new and different idea – especially when everything seems to center around super-performance sleds these days.

What’s so smart about the EVO is how it absolutely pirates the imagination of people who see it in the flesh, on the snow. This is especially true with teenage riders and women. We’ve witnessed this firsthand.

As for women checking it out, we were unaware how intimidating some full sized sleds are to them when they haven’t had much experience riding those conventional snowmobiles. Because the EVO sits so low to the ground and steers so easily – not to mention its mellow power output and user-friendly Power-Bloc clutching – suddenly their whole perspective on snowmobiling changes: They get excited about riding!

What we were also surprised about was how much fun an experienced rider can have on the EVO. With its speed limiter off, this sled is still capable of decent trail speeds and its handling and ride are still spot-on with any other Polaris based on the Pro-Ride chassis.

Its dual-carbed, fan-cooled twin makes an honest 60-hp and that amount of power easily propels the EVO down the trails and onto straightaways with plenty of exuberance.

It’s almost like going into a reverse time-warp, back when sleds were lower, more compact and easy to throw around. This sled is so responsive in both its power delivery and its handling, you start to find it irresistible.

Would it make a suitable second sled? You bet it would. The whole family could fall in love with it!

One suggestion: Invest in a mid-height windshield for it. You’ve come this far, no sense having the Missus complain about being cold!

Kent Lester
Kent Lester
Kent Lester is Co-Publisher of SUPERTRAX Magazine and a regular contributor to this website.

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