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No, it’s not a beachwear article! The Supertrax staff were curious about how accurate the speedometers are on snowmobiles these days.

This is especially interesting as you consider how sled speedos have gone from cable-operated units to electronic instrumentation the last few years.

It used to be that if your speedometer was a couple of clicks off at 20 mph, by the time you got up to about 75 the thing could be off by more than ten miles per hour.

With the new electronic stuff, the ratios are all off and it’s hard to predict whether the speed you’re going is even close to what the gauges read. This info is particularly important if you’re trying to check your gas mileage accurately.

Supertrax used GPS technology to verify four new snowmobiles, one from each OEM, and then re-ran the results several times to make sure the readings were as close to true as possible.

You can check out the details and results in the upcoming issue (December 15, 2010) or get your own online copy at

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