SPOT SATELLITE MESSENGER: Beyond Cellular Coverage

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Have you ever been really out there on your sled? I mean really out there. The sun is going down, it’s starting to get colder and you can actually feel the wind biting through your suit. Trail signs aren’t familiar any more; in fact you’re riding cross-country with nothing more to guide you than the moon and stars.

It’s getting colder, then suddenly, it happens BOOM! K-chunka-chunka-chunk. Need a belt. Your sled rolls to a quiet stop and you realize your spare belt clip is empty. Then it hits you! Nobody knows where you are and you’re going to have walk it back to the nearest civilized location – wherever that is. Fear grips you.

Spot Satellite Personal Trackers were developed for situations just like this. Utilizing 100 percent satellite technology, you can easily check in with your family or have them remotely track you so even if you have no idea where in the world you are, they do, and if you need it, help can find you.

Roughly the size of a deck of cards, SPOT fits easily into your pocket and can transmit, worry free, while you ride.

SPOT comes complete with an Alert 9-1-1 function that once activated, sends a powerful signal alerting an International Emergency Response Center every five minutes until cancelled.

The response centre then sends a message to the appropriate response team based on your location. The Check-In function allows family or friends to track your progress alerting them via text messaging on their cell phone or by an emailed link to your location using Google Maps.

SPOTcasting leaves a digital breadcrumb trail so loved ones can track your progress or so you can review your route upon safe return home. You can even assign a SPOTteam of family or friends and contact them for help in non-life threatening situations.

Even if you weren’t a hundred miles from nowhere, but were out of cellular range and blew out your track, you could notify your SPOTteam buddy to come and pick you up. A half hour stuck on the trail beats freezing to death any day.

The SPOT unit costs less than $200.00 and requires a satellite service subscription to operate. For any of us who go a bit further than we ought to or just craves peace of mind, the investment in a SPOT system is definitely worth investigating further.

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