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Hey, just when you thought snowmobilers were only concerned about their snowmobiles and nothing else, along comes the results of our most recent online poll.

The question was: “What’s your biggest snowmobiling gripe?” Surprisingly, our readers came back with two answers almost completely unrelated to the snowmobiles we ride! Instead.

89.5-percent said the thing that bugs them most about snowmobiling is other riders who abuse trails. Second on the list at 24.4-percent was a lack of signs on the trails.

This poll result tells us two things: one, snowmobilers are pretty happy with their sleds the way they are – even when it comes to things like windshield choices (16.6-percent), suspension settings (5.03-percent) and absence of electric start (5.03-percent).

The other conclusion was that snowmobilers are out there riding – a lot – and don’t like to see people wrecking the hard work the clubs and volunteers do in keeping trails in good condition. This is a very encouraging result and speaks highly of the level of responsibility snowmobilers feel toward their riding areas.

With this in mind, it sends a clear message to those riders who think it’s okay to mess with signs, trespass, wreck a freshly groomed trail or to make unnecessary moguls by track sliding, track spinning or just goofing off where other people ride.

The message is clear. Grow up and act responsibly or you may find yourself in the middle of a brawl on the trail!

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