Ski-Doo MX-Z XRS 800

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Highs: More sizzle than a 24 oz sirloin, its as close as you’re gonna get to owning a full-on Sno-X racer. Super lightweight, tough as nails, perfect ergos for aggressive pilots and pit-stop-emptying cachet.

Clear tape the lights and everyone will think you’re on the way to tech. There’s never been anything, period, with this much genuine wannabe appeal.

Lows: Might be a tad stiff for most pilots. What other social problems do you have that require you to assert your identity this powerfully? You will tire of autographing women’s clothing. Yikes – is that the price?

Bottom Line: Ski-Doo has thrown just about everything they’ve got in their race program right into the showroom. This is a very serious sled and should be taken just that way – seriously.

Exceptional handling and power plus the ability to adjust the chassis to suit your style. It’ll make you a better rider if you’ve got the talent. Otherwise you’ll just look cool showing up.

Click here for info on Ski-Doo’s Rotax 2-stroke engine.
Click here for info on Ski-Doo’s new Exo Series helmet.

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