Ski-Doo Mach Z 1000 SDI

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Squeezing the throttle is like flipping the Space Shuttle’s launch switch as the Mach Z catapults past the C-note. Ridden sensibly, the Z produces 600 class mileage – but who’d actually do that?!

– Ski Doo must’ve been inhaling solvents when they threw a one inch track on this unbelievably powerful sled.
– Minimum required lug is 1.25 and it’ll still blend snow like a Procter Silex on puree.
– While we like the M-1’s low to the ground feel in the twisties, we don’t like our fillings knocked out in the ditches.

This snowmobile is so powerful; we’re addicted to riding it. In all the world of motorized conveyances, it takes second place to nothing – motorcycle, car or rocket.

The M-1 delivers power in unmistakably large doses and we’re prepared to admit we not only approve, but actually pine for the righteous moment when it’s our turn to light the fuse.

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