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When we learned about Ski-Doo’s plans for model year 2022, we were completely blown away!

Frankly, in this COVID age, the company could have rolled out a mirror image of its 2021 lineup and still had customers lined up at showroom doors!

Instead, Ski-Doo has waded into the deep end with some big news this year – news that could change the snowmobile marketplace for many years to come.

Here are the highlights:

Lynx will enter North America

Yes, you read that correctly. In MY2022, you will be able to buy two very popular, formerly European-only, Lynx snowmobiles.

The first one is called the 137-inch RAVE (pronounced: rah-vay) powered by an 850 E-TEC and featuring new and extremely attractive bodywork plus the PPS uncoupled skidframe Northern Europeans prefer for rough trails. Get this: It has humongous 46mm KYB Kashima coated shocks all the way around!

Next is the Boondocker. This is a deep snow sled that crosses over between Ski-Doo’s Backcountry series and the Summit. It also features a deep snow version of the PPS skid called the PPS2 DS (deep snow) and has the funkiest snow flap we’ve ever seen. The short “Radien” tunnel and 154-inch track provide super clean-out and amazing control for side-hilling and deep snow maneuvers.

Both sleds will be available only on Spring Break orders. Yes, there’s a premium attached to the price tag, however these unique sleds will be in demand, for sure.

Completely Reworked Turbocharged Models

Although Ski-Doo has enjoyed huge success with its 150-hp turbocharged 900ACE powerplant, after two years Ski-Doo is pulling out all the stops offering turbos in the power ranges sled buyers are looking at.

The original 900ACE turbo has been bumped to a full 180-hp level (Turbo R) via increased boost (up to a max of 17.4 psi) and a new cable actuated electronic throttle control has been added providing more “feel” and easier modulation.

This one really surprised us: You can now buy a 130-hp 900ACE Turbo. You’ll recall this is the power range the obsoleted and hugely popular 1170cc 4-TEC triple, produced. This move will no doubt bring a lot of those customers back into the fold. Why? We anticipate the pricing of this new turbo may be in the same league as the former 1170 4TEC.

Return of the Mach Z

This famous moniker has been missing for over fifteen years and now with the new 180-hp turbo under the hood, Ski-Doo felt it was time to raise the flag again.

The 2022 Mach Z features the new intercooled 900 Turbo engine and a specially revised rMotionX skid (more later) using semi-active technology in a 137-inch skid. The whole sled sits 1.5-inches lower for better aerodynamics and more top speed. Aesthetic mods include a distinctive front grille and unmistakable paint and graphic schemes that will make this sled stand out from other Ski-Doo models.

Across-the-Board Changes

Ski-Doo has been hard at work honing and perfecting the RAS X front end. The rMotion X suspension and front end will now be available on all Renegade and MX-Z variations including the TNT, Adrenaline, Enduro and even the Grand touring. Only the Sport series keeps the RAS 3 suspension.

A great idea (now that it’s being copied by everyone) is Ski-Doo’s LinQ cargo attachment system. This year, the LinQ attachment brackets are factory installed on nearly every Ski-Doo model (also on the Lynx models available in North America). They will even accept most competitors’ luggage, gas tanks and cargo containers!

Launch Control

Always innovating, Ski-Doo’s techies have come up with an effective “launch control” system that acts like a drag racer’s starting line setup to grab the most power on takeoff and near-instantly deliver it to the track. This was demonstrated on video in our media presentation and it ‘s pretty impressive to see how it works. We’re talking ski-wheelies out the wah-zoo!


We saved the best news for last! For the first time ever, Ski-Doo will offer a revolutionary semi-active suspension on the Mach Z and XR-S models! SMART SHOX is an auto-adjust system and it does not require any input from the driver other than to preset the system to one of three modes starting out.

SMART SHOX will tune the suspension on-the-fly and electronically adjust both the rebound and compression damping 50 times per second – as you’re riding! This technology, proven in the off-road business, will offer unprecedented suspension compliance in the snowmobile industry. Word is that the difference is so radical it will forever change the rules when it comes to snowmobile ride comfort.

We’ll drill down on all this info in the coming days and weeks but for now this is a truly amazing line-up in an amazing year!

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