There’s been so much hype written about Ski-Doo’s 2019 ACE 900 Turbo, the all-new naturally-aspirated EFI version of the ACE 900 has been overlooked.

Although it’s not available in any MX-Z this year, it’s available in the 137-inch Renegade Enduro and Adrenaline platforms plus the new Expedition Sport and Grand Touring Limited.

First, it’s notable that this is the first time this compact 4-stroke has been used in the G4 chassis.

The new, wider-at-the-front G4 has a distinctive look and has been specially designed to accommodate the 900 ACE triple.

Our test riders have confirmed there’s a clearly identifiable uptick in the handling of this 4-stroke platform compared to the former XR.

With the extra 4-stroke weight up front, the skis stay more firmly planted under aggressive cornering with the “very rider-forward” ergonomics of the G4 and the sled tracks so that the tail comes around much more easily, putting the rider in a predictable oversteer situation (this is good with a snowmobile).

The ACE 900 engine has had a 5-hp bump in horsepower for 2019 and now registers 95-hp. Although that doesn’t seem earth-shattering, it is noticeable and adds to the sled’s on-trail manners.

Frankly, based on the power output of some 600 2-strokes of bygone eras, that power output is completely adequate for a big cross-section of trail riders.

All the standard features you’d get with a 137-inch 2-stroke G4 are included: RAS 3 front end, pDrive clutches, rMotion skidframe, a wide assortment of shocks including the Air-Ride system on the Enduro and the same gauge packages as you’ll get with any of the model designations of the Rennie and MX-Z you choose.

It was important for Ski-Doo to get this new iteration of the 900 right. This engine has become one of the largest sellers in the Ski-Doo line-up and constitutes a big chunk of the company’s sales volume.

Furthermore, there’s a herd of riders out there who have owned their current ACE 900 XS and XR for a few years and are probably looking to trade into something new.

This sled will definitely do the job for them.

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