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The new extremely limited-edition RS Edition 2017 Arctic Cat ZR 6000 is a celebration of the man whose passion for Arctic Cat snowmobiles spans 55 years and whose innovative spirit is immeasurable: the legendary Roger Skime.

For more than five decades Roger Skime spearheaded many of the most innovative snowmobiles and designs – all fueled by his competitive spirit and insatiable desire to build the best snowmobiles in the world. His is dedication to Arctic Cat has inspired generations of engineers and riders whose passion reflects his example. And through it all he became a living legend.

The RS Edition ZR 6000 reflects that legendary passion with a unique, commemorative styling design and component selection that grace the newest Arctic Cat snowmobile design. The RS Edition is as exclusive as it is unique, with production limited to orders taken only during Arctic Cat’s 2017 Snowmobile Dealer Show.

The foundation of the RS is the class-leading power of the popular Arctic Cat C-TEC2 600 2-stroke engine and the bump-taming ride of the light- weight ProCross chassis.

An engine that Skime loves dearly, the 6000-series 600 C-TEC2 2-stroke is designed, proven and manufactured by Arctic Cat. It features Dual-Stage Injection (DSI), batteryless EFI, APV electronic exhaust valves, exhaust pipe temperature sensor and electric oil injection. It’s the same engine that’s dominated cross-country racing for the past two years, a sport dear to Skime’s heart.

The lightweight, ultra-tough ProCross chassis delivers the intui- tive handling and optimal ergonomics that Skime and the engineering team have spent their careers pursuing. It’s matched by the ARS front suspension and a SLIDE-ACTION rear suspension combination that effortlessly carves corners and swallows bumps. Skime invented the slide-rail suspension, and the SLIDE-ACTION version on this 2017 ZR is the ultimate expression of that original design.

The RS Edition ZR 6000 comes with all-new body styling with in-creased airflow for optimal under-hood heat management. New side panels and hood are easily removed for simplified access to key compo- nents. New side panels and hood are easily removed for simplified access to key components. An LED headlight is visually distinctive while delivering optimal lighting performance.

Special livery for the RS edition includes graphics and a custom green-striped seat cover design executed in such a way that harkens back to classic Arctic Cat models from the past, yet that is also new and uniquely fresh.

Roger’s penchant for premium components is reflected in spec of his signature machine. Quick-switch FOX ZERO QS3R Kashima ski and rear track shocks (with QS3 Kashima on the front track) offer the ultimate in adjustability and performance. TEAM Rapid Re- sponse and Rapid Reaction clutches deliver optimal driveline performance and durability. A rear storage bag, hand guards, tunnel flares, curved Sno Pro brake lever and stout ProMountain front bumper are additional items that grace this special machine.

The Roger Skime Edition ZR 6000 is truly limited in production, all but ensuring its collectability now and in the future.

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