Riding the 2015 AXYS and the RAS 2 Ski-Doo

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If we’ve been asked once, we’ve been asked a hundred times: Which one do you prefer: The new RUSH AXYS or the 2015 RAS 2 equipped MX-Z? It’s like asking whether we like sirloin better than prime rib.

We’re not dodging the issue here – both sleds are incredibly light and make impressive power in both 600 and 800cc versions.

The Ski-Doo’s new front end flat-out changes all the rules and completely erases the gripes we’ve had about Ski-Doo’s edgy handling.

Frankly, the RAS front end improvement is so good we can no longer toss laurel wreaths at the RUSH or Indy for having industry-best handling. Combine it with rMotion and you’ve got an unbelievable marriage.

On the other hand, the AXYS is such a clean sheet of paper we haven’t been able to completely decide whether it’s better than or as good as the renovated MX-Z – yet. We need more time with both sleds.

On thing’s for sure. The new AXYS is light years ahead of the former RUSH and has more industry leading innovation than we’ve seen in half a decade.

This sled is cool, feather-weight and a gearhead’s dream – reaching way deeper than the Pro-Ride that preceded it.

You can immediately feel the lightness, the flat, skis-planted cornering demeanor and the improved compliance of the redesigned rear suspension. Even the ergonomics are different – and better!

Take a breath. Although the AXYS is extremely light, the Ski-Doo isn’t exactly a porker. Both sleds offer what riders love and that’s ride, handling and power wrapped in a lightweight package.

What’s to complain about? You can’t make a bad choice here.

Kent Lester
Kent Lester
Kent Lester is Co-Publisher of SUPERTRAX Magazine and a regular contributor to this website.

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