Renegade 600 E-TEC: F-F-F-Fast and F-F-F-Freezing

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By: Kent Lester

Without too much gushing over the 600 E-TEC – you’ve been reading all season how much Supertrax loves this benchmarking new engine technology from BRP – we wanted to put some focus on the MX-Z’s other assets.

Our shiny, yellow Renegade has been ridden a lot this winter and we have a very strong feel for its strengths (many) and its weaknesses (few).

Here’s a couple of our gripes: First, because this has been such an extraordinarily cold winter, we’ve found the XP can be a frosty ride, even with the higher MX-Z windshield.

The cold seems to affect the rider’s lower body most and, unless you’ve layered on extra long-johns, you’re going to feel it on cold days.

The hands are vulnerable, too, despite the fact the handwarmers generate ample heat. If you ride in extreme temps all the time, we recommend using both the high windshield and the MX-Zx accessory handlebar mounted wind deflectors from Ski-Doo.

The other issue is ski darting. Although the sled doesn’t display this characteristic as much at higher speeds, everyone who has ridden the Rennie and other 121-inch XP models too, feels the darting is both unnerving and annoying.

Here’s the fix. Go to your dealer and buy the extra carbide runners for the sled’s Pilot skis. Just drill the holes (the bosses are already there) and ante up for a second set of carbides. It makes a world of difference to have two runners per ski.

Kudos? You bet. We love this sled’s great power delivery, its incredible gas mileage and the completely revised and vastly improved ride quality it exhibits for 2009.

Not only would we recommend this sled, it’s the first sled we’d recommend for 2009!

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