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If ever there was an unqualified successful introduction of a new snowmobile platform it would have to be the 2012 ProCross.

This sled, in all its 2-stroke and 4-stroke variations, has stirred the hearts of Cat fanatics like few other Arctic Cats have in the last two decades.

With this in mind it looks like Cat will need to do very little to keep its ProCross momentum going.

Certainly, the biggest need is for Cat to update its engine program. Without doubt, this is the central focus you’ll see from TRF this upcoming year.

We’re looking at a super-clean pair of 2-strokes using either SDI or a version of a direct injection system and this in both 600 and 800cc iterations.

Although the non-turboed 1100 4-stroke has been a huge success, there are a lot of owners who will not take the 4-stroke plunge and are looking for a 120-plus horsepower 2-stroke and nothing else.

Cat’s wild and untamed 800 is a big seller but struggles with EPA rulings and will inevitably need a clean-up.

We don’t think you’ll be seeing a 550 fan engine in the new chassis. It makes more sense to adapt a smaller, extremely efficient 4-stroke and build a new image for entry level sleds.

It’s pretty obvious the 500 Sno-Pro will feature the new ProCross version of Cat’s race chassis and we think it will remain powered by the same 500 throttle body EFI as current versions.

However, if Cat has a new DI 600 mill, it would make a pretty good fit into this limited availability X-country model as an extra available engine.

Last, we see a new 2-upper – a ProCross 141 based platform with the EFI 1100 4-stroke and all the perks of Cat’s current Twin Spar based tourer.

This would be one sweet 2-up ride!

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