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By now you’re familiar with the Polaris snowmobile recall affecting some 230,000 Polaris MATRYX, AXYS and certain Pro-Ride models manufactured and sold since MY 2013.

Our last update on this issue contained pretty broad strokes of information designed to notify Polaris owners of the affected models Polaris has imposed a stop ride/stop sale order on and that the company was working at full speed to announce a fix, a time table and how to find out if your Polaris was part of the Stop Ride/Stop Sale communication.

As of October 20th a validated repair is available initially on an allocation basis. Owners of affected Polaris snowmobiles have been notified repair kits are available including repair instructions, and training materials.

Dealers have the ability to order repair kits now. Initially kits will be shipped to dealers on an allocation basis. If you are not sure if your snowmobile is included in this recall because you’re a second or third owner you should contact your local authorized Polaris Snowmobile dealer and have your snowmobile’s VIN (Serial Number) in hand.

If you received notice from Polaris your snowmobile is included in the repair you should immediately contact your authorized Polaris Dealer and arrange a time for this free service to be done to your snowmobile.

Under no circumstances should any owner attempt to perform this work. It must be done by an authorized Polaris dealer.

Equally important is not attempting to run your snowmobile – even to load it to take to your dealer for the recall work. If you absolutely must run the engine fill the snowmobile with fresh gas before attempting to start the engine.

As well as implementing the fix on the past model snowmobiles identified here, Polaris has addressed this issue on MY 23 Snow Check snowmobile models currently in production. Shipping of these new sleds resumed in October.

The message hasn’t changed much since our last update on this issue. However, with the repair kits being assembled and shipped regularly, as parts come available, the goal line is now clearly in sight.

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