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Just when we thought OEM commitment to racing might be waning Polaris pulls the sheets off their new Racing (Sno-X) sled with an all-new 600cc mill.

Here’s the most important thing you need to commit to memory – the new Liberty 600R produces 18 more horsepower in the mid-range and a whopping 10 more horses at WOT. Yes you read that right, those are not inconsequential numbers my friends.

So what’s going on here? This is like taking a fire hose to a squirt gun fight isn’t it? We haven’t seen such an exponential increase in power without an increase in displacement in decades.

Here’s what we think after a few hours of letting this sink-in. Last spring when Polaris pulled the sheets off the new Patriot 650 engine in the game changing Matryx chassis there were repeated cries of foul from the competition. It was posited Polaris would attempt to change the racing rule books to allow for 650cc sno-X weapon power. Well, Polaris hasn’t done that, have they?

This bold move represents not just a commitment to but moreover a solid recommitment to racing.

Go back on our site and check out the horsepower numbers we estimated for the new 650 Liberty and you’ll see this new 600R engine comes oh-so-close to the 650.

So, instead of pushing ISR for a rule change, Polaris delivered 650 power in a 600cc package for the racing fraternity to either fear or drool over. There won’t be any middle ground on this topic.

Here’s the bottom line. Polaris is not taking any prisoners or mixing words about its intentions to win on the race course or in the showroom.

Polaris has the products to change the definition of a significant piece of the marketplace – the 600 class.

Can’t wait to see the response to this news.

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