Polaris In Focus: AXYS – Pro-S vs Pro-X

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The 2015 Polaris AXYS comes in two flavors: Pro-X and Pro-S.

These versions are similar but very different. One caters to aggressive trail riders (the Pro-S) while the super-radical Pro-X is biased to the ditches. Both are available in 120 and 137-inch variants.

Here’s the hard truth: The Pro-X is only available on Snow Check, so you better make your mind up early if you want 2.5 inches more ride height, 1.5 inch longer IFS shocks valved 30-percent stiffer and a 5-inch handlebar riser.

There’s more. On both versions of the Pro-X (120 and 137) you get a 1.75 lug Backcountry-X track.

The shocks and extreme track add up to two rough trail sleds built for stand-up freeriding or hardcore bump running.

If you’re looking for razor-sharp trail carving, the AXYS Pro-S with Walker Evans clicker shocks will do the trick.

Its lower ride height, all-new ergonomics, and trail slaying variable castor IFS corners flat when combined with either version’s (120 and 137) 1.25-inch Ripsaw.

Both come with brand new 800 power and a completely redesigned rear suspension that rubs out stutters and resists bottoming with true rising rate action.

The AXYS chassis, with its incredibly low center of gravity, including a lower mounted, lighter engine, corners like it’s on rails and provides optimum weight balance fore and aft.

Both the Pro-S and Pro-X demonstrate laser level handling in the twisties and deliver predictable weight transfer from an uncoupled skid.

Get this: There’s a special Pro-S 60th Anniversary AXYS available only on Snow Check and all 2015 AXYS models can be early-ordered with an amazing full-color 7-inch-wide GPS plus Bluetooth and a digital multi-display dash cluster, factory installed.

The 60th Anniversary AXYS comes standard with the GPS digital display. Now, it’s up to you to decide – and either choice is a winner: Pro-S or Pro-X?

Kent Lester
Kent Lester
Kent Lester is Co-Publisher of SUPERTRAX Magazine and a regular contributor to this website.

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