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Special Editorial by AJ Lester

The new Camoplast RipSaw 120-inch track sheds more pounds from the new XP. Using single ply construction and a unique 2.86 inch pitch these tracks slim down weight by four pounds.

The new pitch design allows the track to run quieter while improving acceleration and grip. Pulling on the track is a large diameter, hydro-formed, hollow drive shaft that’s ribbed to hold the drivers, similar to the 2005 Polaris Fusion.

The fun doesn’t stop here; mounted far left on the drive shaft is the disk brake and caliper. The tunnel is punched out and vent holes are drilled around the left foot rest creating a slight protrusion in the foot well area.

Although the disk is not exposed to the inside of the tunnel, the brake caliper is, allowing for big-time cooling of the brake fluid and more positive brake actuation.

This drive shaft mounted brake system also means the snowmobile can be stopped if chain failure ever occurs.

Back where the disk brake would normally reside is an extremely tall chain case measuring 14.27 inches center to center and made entirely from magnesium. This chain case weighs almost nothing and is used as part of the sled’s integral structure.

To increase the productivity of the chain case, a speed sensor has been adapted into the lower face of its cover and uses magnets to report accurate speed back to the gauges.

Lost weight in the driveline and related components adds up to an impressive 8.9 pounds.

The remaining 8-plus pounds are discharged from the body and seat. The seat and gas tank are now two pieces that flow together seamlessly and require no trim pieces to cover the rear or sides of either.

The body panels are smaller and also reduce weight while delivering a clean, glossy look similar to that of the Mach Z’s panels.

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